Rigid Fork


Kingpinless Fork

Caster and Wheel Bearings

Bearings play two key roles in the operation of casters. The first is that of allowing the wheel to freely and easily rotate on the axle. All casters use some type of bearing for this, with the exception of "Plain Bore" bearings, which is simply the wheel material directly on the axle. Wheel axle bearings come in many different styles. These include caged roller bearings, precision ball bearings, tapered bearings, and delrin bearings to name a few. Different materials and bearing types provide users with options to specifically meet the needs of their application.

Roller Bearing in a Wheel Hub

A Roller Bearing Inside the Wheel Hub

Swivel Head Bearing

Ball Bearings inside a Kingpinned Swivel Head


Caster Swivel Head Bearings

Of equal importance is the use of bearings in casters is in the swivel head of a fork, which allows the casters to swivel easily. Some of these bearing options and their raceways can be hardened to resist wear and damage.