Twin Wheel Casters

Twin wheel casters feature two separately rotating wheels housed within or on a single chassis. Twin wheel casters are commonly seen on furniture and chairs, such as your typical office chair.

Twin Wheel Caster

A Nylon, Unhooded Twin Wheel Caster


The benefit of a twin wheel caster is its ability to turn easily. As one wheel turns, the other can pivot, making turning and reversing direction much easier than with a single wheel caster.

The twin wheel casters comes in two main varieties, hooded and unhooded. A hood is a part of the chassis that covers the top of the wheel. In many cases this is purely an aestethic feature, and these hoods can be finished to suit a particular look. A popular finish on twin wheel caster hoods is flat black, but they are also available in brass, silver, and many other colors.

The most common wheel material on twin wheel casters is nylon. This works well for office chairs on plastic mats or carpet, but for other surfaces options should be explored. Twin wheel casters may have options for a urethane tread, soft rubber, and some even have specialty treads specifically for surfaces like hardwood floors.

Twin wheel casters are not just for use in the home or office. They commonly appear in institutions and commercial settings as well.