Ball Casters

Ball casters have a unique construction, featuring what seems to be a ball wrapped in a tread ring. The ring is affixed in an angular offset fashion and provides the contact point for the caster with the floor surface. Tread materials can be of metal or a softer composition, such as rubber or urethane. The round body is usually metal and hides the axle assembly from view.

Ball caster with grip neck stemThe majority of ball casters are used on furniture, medical equipment, and office equipment. Tread material type would be dependent upon the floor surface. An assortment of fastener types including stemless, threaded stem, grip ring stem, grip neck stem, and swivel top plate are available. As with most casters for furniture, there are choices for the type of finish applied. Larger sizes of ball casters often have an option to include a brake.





Ball caster with antique brass finish, and grip neck stem.