stem caster with brake

Welcome to CasterPedia

CasterPedia will be dedicated to casters, caster wheels and accessories. All the various types and applications will be examined in both text and graphically.

Historically, casters and wheels have played a large part in moving industry forward. The image of the caveman chiseling a wheel from stone is something that most of us have seen. However fun that scenario might seem, there was an easier way. A length of tree trunk already possessing the proper shape and properties. This is not to say a rock already in a rounded form would be excluded, but a system of logs as rollers has a tendency to perform much better. Think of ten ton chunks of rock being moved to build the pyramids. To this day, roller remains a term many lay and industry folk use when discussing a caster.

When taking on a comprehensive task such as Casterpedia, the big question is one of when to publish the site. In this instance, the team has decided to have a presence immediately, and grow in a "live" manner. This should be quite a ride as we roll along.

Why not wait until the site is completed to publish? Isn't it bad Web practice to have a site live and in flux? Like many comprehensive projects such as CasterPedia, a more difficult question for us to answer might be, when is it finished? Since we know the beginning, we decided to start publishing from there. So, please excuse us as we dig in and CasterPedia takes form.